For the Golf and Sustainability Enthusiasts, Plant-e, in collaboration with De Enk Groen & Golf, proudly presents a groundbreaking project that’s changing the game. 

Golf, a sport of precision and passion, has long been associated with expansive, meticulously maintained landscapes. However, behind the scenic beauty lies an environmental challenge—water consumption. The vibrant greens that golfers cherish demand significant watering, posing questions about sustainability and resource-conscious management by the greenkeepers. 

Installing Plant-e Technology to Optimize Water Management for Golf Courses: 

Enter PowerStick, the trailblazer in harnessing plant-powered electricity. In a strategic collaboration, Plant-e installed PowerSticks to power soil moisture sensors at two prestigious golf clubs—Golfclub Heiloo and Golfclub Heelsum. These sensors, strategically placed, serve as silent guardians, ensuring optimal soil conditions without compromising the greens’ pristine appearance.  

Plant-e’s technology offers a lifelong energy source, derived from the activity of bacteria in the soil itself. This is a game-changer, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. The sensor only needs to be placed once within the green, without the hassle of battery replacements or the vulnerability of solar panels. 

PowerStick Implementation in 4 Simple Steps: 

  1. Soil Evaluation: Commencing with a comprehensive soil analysis to identify optimal conditions for Plant Microbial Fuel Cell (PMFC) installation. 
  1. PMFC Installation: Once suitable conditions were confirmed, the PMFCs were installed to harness electricity from the thriving bacteria in the soil. 
  1. Sensor Integration: The decagon 5TM sensor, available by Campbell Scientific or the METER group, is seamlessly integrated to measure the volumetric water content (VWC) and temperature.   
  1. Data Connectivity: The data is collected and transmitted wirelessly, establishing a seamless connection to the De Enk online dashboard, offering a daily update of the soil condition per hour. 

The PowerSticks, strategically placed at the highest point on the course ensure a comprehensive view of soil conditions acting as an early warning system for potential water shortages. 

Why This Matters: 

Watering greens is a significant annual expense for golf courses. With water scarcity on the rise, efficient water management is not just a choice, it’s imperative. Plant-e’s project with De Enk Groen & Golf showcases the potential for significant water savings and a more sustainable future for golf courses worldwide, addressing the critical needs of water management golf courses and water management green. 

The projects coincide with the insightful publication by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Golf Federatie on Sustainable Water Management. Their comprehensive guide aligns with our mission, emphasizing the crucial role of soil moisture sensors in sustainable golf course management. 

1Live soil moisture and temperature at Heiloo golf course 

In conclusion, the project brings innovation to two renowned golfing destinations and symbolizes more than a technological innovation— it’s a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future for golf courses and beyond. 
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