Atmospheric lighting powered by plants

increases social safety and atmosphere


The energy is ideal for mood lighting and light perception, making it possible to make a residential area, park, terrace or cycle path more pleasant. This adds that little bit of safety and comfort in dark environments, without any disruption to nature.

Low maintenance

Our products require minimal maintenance. The only essential requirement is good water management; our technology must be continuously saturated with water. We offer tailor-made solutions and support for this. We also offer a service contract to completely relieve you of your worries.


Are you interested in a light experience project? Take a look at our reference projects for inspiration and send an email to for a quote for your project. We are happy to help you see what we can do for you.

fairytale lights
path signaling
waterfront lighting
interactive information boards

White paper lighting

We have a whitepaper available that describes the technology and all specifications.


Our projects are discussed in close collaboration with the client and tailored to various applications with our technology. Below are some example projects we have completed.

We are ready to discuss with you to convert your sustainable wishes into a green energy project. Contact us at and we will contact you for an initial information meeting or to provide more information.

The project combines a network of Plant-e lighting with a rainwater basin to improve water storage in the city while […]
Imagine: In the evening you walk through a park, surrounded by enchanting lighting that responds to your presence. This park has been a reality in Rotterdam since November 18, 2019.


We would love to see what we can do for you!