Electricity generated by nature

A Spark of nature

Plant-e develops products where living plants generate electricity. This technology, originally discovered at Wageningen University, has since been further developed within Plant-e. With our power source we can produce electricity continuously, day and night, for many decades for low-power applications, such as sensors and lighting.

The technology explained

A plant produces organic material through photosynthesis. While some of this organic material is used by the plant for its own growth, some remains unused.

This remaining part is excreted by the roots into the soil. Bacteria live around these roots and break down this organic material. During this degradation process, electrons are released as a byproduct.

Plant-e has developed a system that allows us to use the released electrons as electricity. After use, these electrons are released back into the ground, completing the circle.

Positive climate impact of Plant-e technology

CO2 storage

Plants use CO2 to produce organic material. So they store CO2 while we make electricity.

50% methane reduction

Generating electricity via Plant-e technology leads to a 50% decrease in methane formation in the soil. Since methane is 25 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas compared to CO2, this significant reduction will have a substantial positive impact on the climate.


The materials within the Plant-e system are completely inert, so they do not break down or dissolve in the soil. This guarantees exceptional durability with a lifespan of 50 to 100 years. The continued pursuit of the most sustainable material options is an integral part of our commitment.

production 24/7 

With continuous 24/7 energy production, the need for extensive energy storage (e.g. a battery) is greatly minimized, ensuring efficient energy consumption.



Plants produce sufficient electricity to provide energy for indication or mood lighting. Take a look at our projects for inspiration. Or try it yourself at home, at school or at work with our do-it-yourself package!


Our power source is ideal for powering sensors. Sensors can be used in many ways to generate data; such as measuring the water needs of plants or automatically switching on lights when you pass by. By using a power source from Plant-e, batteries can be avoided when controlling these sensors.


How exactly does that work? View our educational projects and products here. Think of installations to try it yourself, or presentations and exhibitions for educational purposes.

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