In addition to individual products, we also deliver total projects. These consist of a larger number of Plant-e systems that are applied in a natural landscape.

You can think of systems that we incorporate in parks or the countryside, but we also supply free-standing systems in, for example, planters or tree containers.

For example, we have installed interactive lighting in The Park of Tomorrow in Rotterdam (Netherlands) which has made the park socially safer. In Randers (Denmark) we have combined Plant-e lighting with a rainwater basin to improve water storage in the city and at the same time create a pleasant place for recreation. 

In the meantime, we have carried out a successful test with sensors at De Dommel Water Board to measure groundwater levels in summer and winter. And at the Floriade we showed the smart tree, which itself produces electricity for a soil moisture sensor. This way the tree can tell you when it needs water.


For the Golf and Sustainability Enthusiasts, Plant-e, in collaboration with De Enk Groen & Golf, proudly presents a groundbreaking project that's changing the game. Golf, a sport of precision and passion, has long been associated with expansive, meticulously maintained landscapes. However, behind the scenic beauty lies an […]
Plant-e is currently setting up a pilot project for wireless water level measurement in a peat area in Sumatra.
“The Plant-e system has proven to be not only very durable, but also very reliable.” – Waterboard de Dommel In collaboration with Waterboard De Dommel, Plant-e conducted field tests at three locations in NoordBrabant to validate the final design of Plant-Microbial Fuel Cells (P-MFCs) in the form […]
The installation of the P-MFCs at three locations of South Holland was initiated to not only demonstrate the capabilities of P-MFCs to power IoT devices throughout the year, but also answer some practical questions. With the support of Hoogheemraadschap Delfland, three locations in the region of […]
In 2021 we started developing smart tree containers. In collaboration with the company Van den Berk tree nurseries, known throughout Europe, 6 large tree containers have been placed on the experimental outdoor area of ​​Plant-e. The tree containers have two compartments. In the top compartment […]
The project combines a network of Plant-e lighting with a rainwater basin to improve water storage in the city while creating a pleasant place for recreation. A man-made basin was dug at the end of the Østervold, Randers, Denmark in 2021 to serve as rainwater retention […]
Imagine: In the evening you walk through a park, surrounded by enchanting lighting that responds to your presence. This park has been a reality in Rotterdam since November 18, 2019.
Bloompark 1.0 A Plant-e system was installed in the Bloom Park in Slough Borough Council, England in 2018. Due to the rainy climate in England, the groundwater level there is high, which makes the country an ideal place to apply Plant-e systems. With this […]
In May 2018, a Plant-e system was installed in the Food Park in The Hague, including a revised lighting application. Together with Ermi van Oers from Nova Innova, we have created a system that responds to the presence of visitors. When visitors step on special tiles, […]
Partner: NIOO-KNAW The roof garden on the NIOO-KNAW building has served as a permanent outdoor research location since the start of Plant-e in 2009. The NIOO-KNAW was our first research partner, and still is. All the research they have made possible for Plant-e is very valuable. It […]
In 2016, the Kerckebosch district development company had a 100m2 modular Plant-e system installed on the schoolyard of the Christian College Zeist. Together with an intelligent solar panel, also called a sunflower PV, and an energetic energy floor, electricity is generated here for a Wi-Fi point for the […]
We installed a system in 2016 in the wet nature garden on the campus of Wageningen University, close to the Plant-e nursery. This wet nature garden has a groundwater level +/-20cm below ground level. This is ideal for generating plant current. This small wet nature garden is […]

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