Frequently Asked Questions


What is the target group?

Plant-e is aimed at everyone who is interested in green energy, innovation and likes to experiment with new technology.

What do we offer at this moment?

For all products that you can purchase, see the webshop. For the products we are developing you can go to the technology page and the news overview.

What are the preconditions for the technology?

The most important preconditions for our technology are that it is applied in an environment with sufficient water and sufficient plants. We are currently creating this environment ourselves by installing the technology in containers where the plants grow. Plant-e is currently developing a system that can be applied in existing, wet nature areas such as delta areas, flood plains, rice fields, mangroves, etc. This means that this system can be used in areas with both fresh and salt water.

What kind of material is used for the anode and cathode?

The material we use for the anode and cathode is carbon material. To make a circuit, we use titanium wire as a pantograph. These materials do not contribute to the generation of electricity and are only used to conduct the electrons.

What kind of membrane do we use?

We use non-conductive, synthetic separating material as a membrane

Can the Plant-e system be combined with a water treatment plant?

The Plant-e technology can (in the future) be combined with a water purification plant based on plants. By applying our technology (in the form of the system that we are still developing) to the roots of these plants, electricity can be produced while the water is purified by the plants.

I would like to attend a presentation on location / visit the Plant-e office. Is that possible?

It is possible to have a presentation on location, for a presentation by a C-level employee we ask 3000.- euros per half day. For the other members of the team, the rate is 500.- euros per part of the day. all this is exclusive of travel and accommodation costs (if any).

It is also possible to book a presentation with a tour at the Plant-e office, the same rates apply as mentioned above.

Can the Plant-e system be combined with aquaponics or hydroponics?

It is currently not possible to combine our technology with aqua or hydroponics. In the future, research may focus on this, but at the moment this is not part of our activities.

Modular system

How much power does a system provide?

The power production of our modular system is sufficient to keep the application running, small flashing LED lights.

What does the maintenance of a system look like?

A small system is easy to maintain yourself by providing sufficient water and (if desired) pruning occasionally. We offer maintenance contracts for the maintenance of our large systems. These are aimed at both green and technical maintenance. For more information about the possibilities, please send an email to

What is the life span of a system?

The life of the product depends on the materials. The materials we use are inert and therefore will not decay (they do not participate in the process of electricity production). The most vulnerable are the electrical circuits in the products, but these parts are easy to replace due to the accessibility of the electronics.

Which plant species are used for the system?

In principle, all plants that can withstand “wet feet” can be used. The technology works in a water-saturated environment, which means that the roots of the plants are also under water. We often use grasses, because grasses can withstand water well and have an extensive root system. For suitable plants, go to our plant list that you can find here. This list is not exhaustive, so if you think there are plants missing, please let us know.

Is it possible to process the technology in a different design?

The system that we can offer at the moment consists of modules (bins) of 100x40cm. The plants and technology are integrated in these modules, the wires will not be visible.

Students / schoolchildren

Can I do an internship at Plant-e?

Plant-e offers internships. Send an email to with your CV and a motivation letter in which you clearly explain your background, the duration of your internship and what exactly you would like to do at Plant-e. We will then see if we have the opportunity to offer you an internship.

Before you send an email to apply for an internship, you should know that:

  • We ask that you are available for at least 4 months.
  • You have to find a room yourself if you want to come and live in Wageningen during your internship.


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