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For the Golf and Sustainability Enthusiasts, Plant-e, in collaboration with De Enk Groen & Golf, proudly […]
Plant-e is currently setting up a pilot project for wireless water level measurement in a peat area in Sumatra.
“The Plant-e system has proven to be not only very durable, but also very reliable.” […]
The installation of the P-MFCs at three locations of South Holland was initiated to not […]
The Park of Tomorrow is featured in Gardens Illustrated Magazine. Click the link to […]
In 2021 we started developing smart tree containers. In collaboration with […]
Slough, a town in the south east of England, had a Plant-e system installed in July 2018 […]
The Wageningen company Plant-e has been awarded a subsidy of 2,5 M€ from the European […]
Soil becomes battery. Apart from foundation and a source of nutrition, the soil is also […]
No battery at hand? Use a plant sustainability – You can use windmills and […]

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